Lighting Control

We design lighting systems tailored to your requirements

A lighting control system allows you to create unique lighting scenes for each room, with each lighting circuit set to the required level of brightness, and then easily switch between scenes. A centralised lighting system means you can control any light from any room; so a button beside your bed can switch off all lights in your home, leaving on only those essential for security.

Some of the other functions available include:

  • Keypads are small and discreet yet can control several lighting scenes
  • Control and dimming of low energy light fittings
  • Lighting scenes can control several lighting circuits with one button press
  • Built-in astronomical clock with full event and calendar management
  • Linked to your security system all the lights can come on if the alarm is activated
  • The ‘holiday mode’ facility can be activated to switch on and off lights (and/or close binds or curtains) to give the impression that someone is always at home
  • Setting lights to operate at 90% of full brightness will not only double the life span of standard bulbs but it will also dramatically reduce your energy consumption with no detrimental reduction in area lighting
  • Occupancy sensors provide light when needed and save energy when rooms are unoccupied.